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ROTU: Storytelling in VR within an expanding universe

Monday, October 23rd, 2017, 6:00 PM - 9:45 PM

Cambridge Innovation Center - CIC

One Broadway, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA










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Jason Parks and Emir Cerman will discuss how ROTU was formed and the transition from traditional live & visual media to virtual reality content. We discuss that the market is crying out for compelling, in depth storylines for ‘games’ contained within a Star Wars or Harry Potter type franchise. We go over how to generate broader brand appeal through great storytelling. How a series of games released in rapid succession, that tells a story in an expansive universe to gain brand appeal will succeed over less content rich competitors.

Our Mission:

ROTU Entertainment & Media. Ltd is a virtual reality (VR) content developer based in Boston, Massachusetts. At ROTU we utilize the art of storytelling and fidelity to enhance gameplay for the most immersive VR content in the world.

Current Production:

Rhythm of the Universe is a series of episodic adventure/action/puzzle virtual reality games. The concept, five years in the making, comes from a unique perspective of three factors: music, mythology, and history. For example music symbols, instruments, and theory become characters, creatures, and ecosystems.The overarching main story takes place in Pangea with our 13 year old protagonist, Lyra Lute who grew up in a small isolated town, taking care of her sick mother. Because of that, Lyra keeps looking for a way to cure her mother and she eventually goes on a journey of discovery. Lyra’s story leads her to meet dozens of quintessential characters who’s actions pave way to an exciting and new franchise. 

Who is ROTU:

Started by Berklee College of Music and MIT graduates, trained across a number of key disciplines including music, composition, video production, large scale live production, graphic arts, game technology, and storytelling Operating successfully since 2013 - Produced sold out shows at Boston Symphony Hall, Hatchell (Esplanade), and Boston Commons. Produced a 50+ Mil viral turkish disaster relief music video, brought together 90 musicians from 90 different countries called “Anthem for the World”. The music video, “Anthem for the Amazon” to educate a global audience about the importance of the Amazon rainforest. A 20 minute documentary to support the critically acclaimed film, Amazon Gold. Shown at the United Nations Conference COP 20 in Lima, Peru. Spent five years developing, “Music Mythology" Spent the last two years developing an important name and initial product in the virtual reality market, the best vehicle to introduce the “Music Mythology’ story  Already generated a terrific following at trade shows and conferences among ‘virtual reality’ professionals and users Partnerships and collaborations with Discover Card, Mimic Productions, Echobox, Boston VR and more...



• 6:00pm - Doors open, demos begin, snacks are served.

• 7:10 - 7:30pm - Jason Parks and Emir Cerman - ROTU

• 7:30-8:00- TBA

• 8:15 - 9:45 Demofest!!

• 9:45 - Afterparty at...TBD (R.I.P. firebrand saints) 



We will be selling some nifty Boston VR unisex t-shirts! They sell out quickly so bring cash if you are interested. All proceeds go towards future events like this one.

T-Shirts will be available and are $15 each. 

BostonVR is a 501c3 certified non-profit and any proceeds will go towards funding more VR events and making Boston into a VR hub! 



Ask away in our slack channel for a quick response or message use directly in meetup. 

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If all these channels aren’t enough you can also reach out to me on twitter via @craigtherndon and Jason via @jasonparksvr





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